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Additional Solutions

What are MarketLens Additional Solutions?

They are qualitative and quantitative market research approaches tailored to fit your innovation needs.

Results Available: Results Available To Meet Your Timeline

What is included

Attitudes & Usage (ATU)

Brand Equity

Conjoint Analysis

Customer Journeys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Digital Media Assessment

Discrete Choice Analysis

MaxDiff Analysis

Name Testing

Product Testing

Pricing Research

Performance Tracking

Qualitative Market Research

In Detail

In Detail

​Conjoint Analysis

​Conjoint Analysis

Configure a product from a broad list of attributes and levels by understanding which combinations have the greatest impact on Purchase Intent.

MaxDiff Analysis

MaxDiff Analysis

Understand the level of importance of a variety of items (such as features, benefits, messages, menu items, etc) by understanding which ones have the greatest impact on Purchase Intent.

​Pricing Research

​Pricing Research

Guide the pricing of your new product early in the development process by exploring sensitivities.

​Product Testing

​Product Testing

Optimize your product by placing it in the hands of consumers and collecting feedback.

success story

How a National Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) Captured Critical Data On A New Initiative

Launching a new initiative with a streamlined menu and a novel campaign in limited markets was challenging for a national quick serve restaurant. The stakes were high and the company needed to know if their refocused strategy was creating a positive impact.  MarketLens Custom Testing developed a tailored Attitudes & Usage (A&U) study to ascertain the influence of the new strategy. Through a multi-phase quantitative study, MarketLens collected critical information about awareness, perceptions, and likelihood to visit among the company and its top competitors. This MarketLens Custom Testing solution provided the company with the direction it needed to access and tweak its new strategy before successfully rolling it out nationally.  

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Frequently Asked Questionsabout Additional Solutions

MarketLens Additional Solutions provides you with a wide-range of market research approaches to fit your needs.

Pricing, Conjoints, Brand Equity Tracking, Attitudes & Usage, Name Testing, and Product Testing – just to name a few.

We can help you with that. Based on your goals, we can recommend a methodology.

Our preferred software is Sawtooth as we are highly trained in its capabilities.

Yes. We have top-notch statisticians who have extensive knowledge in advanced analytic techniques, such as regressions, CHAID analysis, pricing models.

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